Angry Birds Seasons App Reviews

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Fun and a good challenge

I like the variety of setups. Its fun to try and get three stars for all the stages.

Christmas Tradition - keep it coming!

Challenging but fun. A very festive way to countdown to Christmas the Advent way. Great holiday fun!


Great challenge - love the birds! heha


Absolutely love love this game the angry birds are the best

Angry Birds

I bought the angry birds and dont feel I should not be able to play previous years until I have enough coins

Enjoyably Destructive

A highly enjoyable, & expandable game with a lot of destruction!

Its always here for a well needed diversion.

The title of my review says it all.

App update crashes

Waited for Rovio to release a fix. Its been a month. Still crashes on open from multiple devices. Too bad, Seasons updates used to be fun.

Crash city.

Will. Not. Open. Since last update.

App Crashes

Since the last update, my app will not open and crashes at the main screen. Whats the fix since I dont want to delete the app? Restarting my phone didnt fix the issue either.


Still crashing on the Quests. Cant play as it wont load even when you have e zero coins to play. Ridiculous. Fix it!!! And dont send me a generic response.

Ummm... the game is still crashing since the Halloween update!... when are you guys going to fix this?

I Paid For Ad Free Rovio

I paid for the ad free version but the latest updates took that away. Not only that, but worlds that were available before now have to be unlocked by purchasing coins. Im glad Chevrolet cant come and take my car without my consent, do a few upgrades, and keep it until I buy it from them again. Thats Rovios business model.



App crashes, doesnt load anymore

I havent been able to use this app in weeks.

What a downgrade

Buggy, crashes, lost progress, and the addition of ads has made this game a must-delete.

Still love Seasons as a franchise favorite

Love the Seasons version of Angry Birds; just wish there were more frequent updates and new levels!

Love it

Yall are awesome

please bring back the earthquake and super slingshot

This is the Angry Birds I play, Angry Birds Seasons

Transparent moneymaking ploy

Rovio must really be running short of money, because they seem to really want mine. I have never seen the word "buy" so many times in a single game. Here, buy a power up. Here would you like to buy another power up. Here have a power up, except first you have to buy it. Why dont you buy a power up? Have a cheat, all you have to do is buy it. Here, watch this video ad. Here, watch this banner ad. Why dont you buy a power up? No, no, NO! This is not how you make a fun game! Add to it the constant freezes and crashes, all of which seem to happen whenever an ad appears, and you have a frustrating experience that really isnt worth downloading. Just play one of the older Angry Birds games again, the older ones are much better.

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